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Well, the heroine in the film; Lieutenant Katherine (one of the pirates) now has a costume. After, what, 3 hours arguing with the actress who is her!
So, its ended up as a black corset with a long black raged skirt and black boots. The hair is tied back in a pony tail with a (this is what I believe they are called, any females reading this, please, don't kill me) brass scrunchie thing. Add black boots; a Tesla rapier and a Laser revolver. Done.
Next character!!
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15 May 2008 @ 08:52 pm
Well, comrade! that is the right question!
2812. In a galactic war that has been waging for 1000 years, 3 space pirates set on bringing the end of the war. The meet a inventor, who has made a time machine; and they travel to the root of the war.
1812. The trio of Pirates now must set fire to Moscow before Napoleon commits atrocities that will set the war in motion. They bump into another time traveller, who has been stranded on the outskirts of Moscow for a year, Leo Tolstoy. and the rest. you'll have to find out... 
the main themes are normal SCI-FI, war and love.
expect laser revolvers, Crap attempts at speaking Russian, and an odd looking Moscow. and Vodka. 
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15 May 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Well, the films in development at the moment, but I thought I should start blogging on our progress now.  The person inscribing this is the scriptwriter, and camera man. we've not appointed a single person as the director, as our thoughts together would make a more formidable collective of ideas: hopefully ending up with a better production!

This is our first feature film, our other films have been small documentaries, were the out takes were more interesting. Honest, watching me run out of a building with a bottle of methylated spirit, saying "this is how you burn a box with global warming written on it!" is a bit more interesting than a documentary on the environment (we needed a more interesting way to put the main point across, and well, fire always makes things interesting)! 

So expect a miraculous way of making Leeds look like 19th century Moscow. With laser guns. and vodka.
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